Sylvias Newsletter


25 MARCH 2003

We left the last newsletter at the release of their record “Don’t Listen To Your Friends”. This release brought a flurry of publicity including a comment from Chris Curtis, leader of the “Searchers” who predicted a big hit for them. A headline of “Girls are not good business” gave them a two column leader in one newspaper and a quote came from Richard “everyone including us, is tired of the monotonous beating, bashing and screaming that is on a lot of records today”. Another newspaper cutting this time all the way from Dundee, read as follows:

“NO GIMMICKS – JUST TALENT” – Talent, not gimmickry, was what Dundee’s Top Tenners got when THE EMERALDS visited the Palais last night. The line up of the fast rising Hampshire group is RICK TAYLOR (lead guitar), ROBERT CHARLES (bass), BRIAN ALLEN(drums) and ROY DANIELS (vocals). Their debut disc is “Don’t Listen To Your Friends” a “surfin” sound number making a strong bid for chart honours.

An interview with Tony Meehan (ex. of the Shadows) who was talking about his new record production company said that he had chosen the boys for his first record release – “I spent six months with them each Sunday morning to early evening – you can’t say I groomed them – I just gave them the benefit of my own experience”

I have already given personal details on Brian, Roger and Richard but so far not a lot on Roy. On my newsletter that went out following the release of the record, the following appeared – “DANIEL BOONE (real name Roy Spreadborough) was born at Farnborough, Hants on the 22nd April 1943. This good looking young man has blue eyes, brown hair and stands 6ft 1ins. He names his favourite occupation, naturally enough as singing and his favourite hobbies as “Girls among other things”. His taste in clothes is casual wear and in food, steak, egg and chips. Hating snobs of any kind and racial prejudice, he is a very sincere and friendly person. Roy began his singing career at the age of fifteen, when he became the feature singer with the Blackjacks but not having a great deal of success, this group disbanded and Daniel joined another band called the Vibrates. Local youth clubs and small dance halls began to book them and things became a little brighter. They then decided that a name change would be worthwhile and were signed to the Bob Potter Entertainment Agency as Daniel Boone and the Renegades some months later.

In this same newsletter, I mentioned the clothing that the boys were wearing or had worn – “At one time you could have seen them in mauve jackets with black trousers and then in outfits which consisted of leather waistcoats, black trousers, green shirts and a black cloak lined with green, together with black healed boots. When they first became the Emeralds they decided that this outfit was not really suitable and so bought new blue suits. Lately however, they have bought dark green suits and boots which are really fascinating as they are made out of fine silky hair” Looking back on this newsletter, I guess that these were the “Yetti” boots that became so popular for a while. Try as I might I cannot remember the outfit with the cloaks but perhaps someone can?

On Friday 21st May 1965 the boys minus Roy, who was recovering from an appendix operation, left for Holland using the Dover-Ostend ferry at 12-00 noon with a return booked for the 31st May. They went in a Ford Van registered WXE 233 – I wonder if this brings back any memories to anyone? Whilst there, “Don’t Listen To Your Friends” was released and within two days had reached number 30 in the charts. Sometimes working at two or three venues a day, they had a great reception wherever they went. A postcard from them read as follows – “Having a great time here – V.I.P. treatment everywhere – all the shows going down a bomb. Abundant supplies of good food, beer, girls and windmills! We also have a few dates in Germany as well as radio and T.V. Crossing was good, weather quite hot, ciggies and drinkies very cheap!”

I have a wonderful poster from the Beat Club Las Vegas in Tilburg which quotes “Engeland’s meest bruisende geluid voor 1965” ["England's most foaming sound for 1965", the webmaster] when talking about the band – can anyone translate this for me please? Two large write ups all in Dutch have always made me curious so if there is anyone out there that can translate, I would still be interested after all this time to know what they said.

Here in the UK many photographic sessions were booked. Our May newsletter tells of two such occasions – “they were told to jump on to a standing bus and wave as if they were going away – the trouble was that the bus suddenly started up and they did actually go away leaving a very amazed photographer behind”. “Another time, they were told to lean with one arm outstretched, on to a brick wall, which they did. To their amazement, the photo was a marvellous one – of a brick wall!”

An unusual appearance at the Ideal Home Exhibition gave them further fans and a performance at the famous Marquee Club in London was broadcast on Radio Luxembourg’s “Ready Steady – Live” programme. They appeared on the same bill as THE DRIFTERS who then asked them to perform at their farewell party which was held in London one Sunday evening where they rubbed shoulders with JOHN LENNON, TWINKLE and HERMAN’S HERMITS.

Several attempts had been made to get the boys on to the television, but the only one that had happened was on Border T.V from Carlisle where they mimed to their record. At this time, there was a programme called “Ready, Steady,Go” produced by Vicky Wickham and it was to her that we presented a huge petition (18ft long and 18 inches wide) asking that she have The Emeralds as a guest group. I can well remember sitting for hours painting the reverse of this with their name all in black and emerald green and also collecting the hundreds of signatures in and around the ballrooms – and still it didn’t work (not this time anyway)

Here we will leave it until the release of their next record – “KING LONELY THE BLUE” c/w “SOMEONE ELSE’S FOOL” which came out on 10th December 1965............