Why this website?

Since I heard "Hiroshima" for the first time in the mid 70ies I loved the music from WISHFUL THINKING! I began to collect every record I could get (there were not much available then). Due to the fact that I was not able to get much information about them, I searched the internet for more infos! But...
...about the history of WISHFUL THINKING - besides some partly wrong informations at AMG (www.allmusic.com) - there is nearly nothing to find on the Worl Wide Web. That's why I did this website.

The first informations I got are from the booklet of the Japanese rerelease of "Live Vol: 1" on CD. Here you can find some details about the band's early times. The first part of the biography is based on that Japanese text, which was kindly translated from the Japanese by Birgit Ikeda.
The Japanese text is based on an article in a special edition of the magazine "California Music" called "British Beach Music", as the Japanese writer, Vanda Kunihiko Sano, states.
All he could find was a short discography with seven 45's and one LP. On the back cover of the Japanese release of the 45 "Peanuts/ Cherry Cherry" he found the lineup of the band of that record.

After having launched my website I got contact to nearly all former members of the band!
Terry New told me something about the beginning of the band and from Brian Allender I got some informations about him being the drummer of WISHFUL THINKING.
I also got many informations from Roy 'Daniel' Spreadborough about his time before and with THE EMERALDS and WISHFUL THINKING!
About the time after the band had quit with DECCA Records I got many informations from their late bass player Tony Collier.
You may read most of the personal informations from the guys on the Archive-side!
A big "THANK YOU" to Brian, John, Kevin, Richard, Roger, Roy, Terry & Tony, without whom this website wouldn't be what it is!
I also have to say thank you to Leif Vest from Denmark for all the stuff I got from him! Marvelous!
Last but not least a big thank you to Sylvia McMaster, the band's former fan club secretary for her monthly (well...) newsletters!

If you have some informations about the band and/ or single members of the band please contact me as soon as possible at