Biography - The new millennium
2000 - today

In 2001 Danny and Eve moved to Norfolk, where Danny runs Rex Studios, a Great Yarmouth based company which designs theme park attractions.

In October 2003 seven former members of WISHFUL THINKING met at the birtday-party of their former fanclub-secretary Sylvia McMaster! Unexpectedly they performed live for the first time ever in this lineup:

Terry New (guitar)
Roger Charles (guitar)
Roy Spreadborough (vocals)
Brian Allender (drums)
Kevin Finn (vocals)
John Franklin (guitar)
Richard Taylor (bass)
(from left to right)
They performed two songs,
Cherry, Cherry and Peggy Sue.
The day after the party they met (minus Brian & Richard) in John Franklin's Lakesidestudio to listen to old, unreleased songs they have recorded during the 60ies for BBC.

Then in February 2005 the webmaster got an email from a German TV production company if he could supply them with some pictures of the band because their hit HIROSHIMA will appear in a music show called "Ultimative Chartshow".
Things went on and the result was a performance of WISHFUL THINKING themselves in the show!
They came from all around the world (John & Kevin from Great Britain, Brian from France and Roger from Australia!) to Cologne, Germany.
The band performed an edited version of HIROSHIMA. The audience was delighted and gave them standing ovations!
On the after show party WISHFUL THINKING met three members of URIAH HEEP who had also participated in the show with their huge hit LADY IN BLACK.

Hopefully to be continued.....

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