Biography - The 80ies

Wishful Thinking's enduring popularity in Germany persuaded Danny Finn, Tony Collier and John Franklin to re-form again in 1980.
They released what turned out to be their last single: "Tightrope Man/ (It's All About) Loving You" produced by Gavin Dare & Dave Howman, who also did the album of Kevin's wife Eve Graham "Woman Of The World". But then it was the final end for WISHFUL THINKING.
Danny Finn represented the UK in the Eurovision Song Contest as lead singer with the group Prima Donna in 1980 (and went no. 3 in the end!). Danny's fellow Prima Donna members included two of Paul McCartney's cousins Kate and Jane Robbins and Lance Aston & Sally Ann Triplett. They released two singles:
"Love Enough For Two/ Missing Out On Love" and "Just Got To Be You/ Let's Take Our Chances"
Prima Donna
In 1981 Eve and Danny toured the Far East for six weeks before playing a Summer Season at the UK's biggest theme park and fun-fair, Alton Towers. They performed three shows a day from 21st July through to the end of August. The shows included some of the NEW SEEKERS' greatest hits. The highlight, however, was Danny's rendition of the Nilsson classic "Without You". Eve and Danny released two singles in 1981 - Your Love, which was billed as Eve Graham featuring Danny Finn and a Yuletide offering, which was released under the name of Viva and cornily titled "Chris Must Stay". In 1982 Eve Graham and Danny Finn toured the UK with Gene Pitney. In '83 and '84 they toured with Max Boyce. The tour merchandising included a repackaged version Eve's album "Woman Of The World", which was sold as a cassette by Eve Graham & Danny Finn and retitled "On The Road".
Danny Finn and Eve Graham pictured at Alton Towers in 1981.
1982 saw the German release of a 12" single included "Special Mix New Long Versions" of "Hiroshima/ America" and 1985 the single "Hiroshima/ America".

After 1985 Eve and Danny no longer worked together as a duo, though Danny continued to support Eve in her solo career. He appeared (playing guitar and singing backing vocals) on the video The New Seekers Story, which was distributed by Eve's agent to club owners in the UK.
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