The 60ies

The band started of as The Emeralds in the mid 60ies. They released three 45s:
The Kerry Dancers/ Little White Lies (1963, HMV POP 1157)
Don't Listen To Your Friends/ Say Your Mine (March 1965, Decca F 12096)
King Lonely The Blue/ Someone Else's Fool (December 1965, Decca F 12304)
(many thanx to Leif Vest for these informations!)

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Roy Daniels (original name: Roy Spreadborough) (vocals)
Born 22.04.1943. At the age of 15 he became an semi-professional singer. After the split of the band by arrangement of his manager Bob Potter he came to WISHFUL THINKING. He is a fan of Frank Sinatra and Jim Reeves.

Terry New, 1966 Terry New, 1967 Terry New (lead guitar)
Born 29.06.1946. He gave his first concerts at the age of 15 in Southhampton with a semi-professional band. At the age of 18 he went to London and became a professional. After a tour through Germany his band split up. Then he met WISHFUL THINKING and became member there.
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Roger Charles, 1966 Roger Charles, 1967 Roger Charles (bass)
Born 23.12.1946. Since being 12 he played the bass. He got an invitation from the SEARCHERS becoming member of their band. But at that time he was in Spain not to be reached. So that chance got lost.

Brian Allen, 1966 Brian Allen, 1967 Brian Allen(der) (drums)
Born 18.06.1941. He played together with Roger in the same band backing Dusty Springfield and Val Doonican. Because he is lazy by nature, he became drummer, that can be done sitting.
read Brians short description about his life after WISHFUL THINKING!

The above lineup can be watched on the cover photos of the first two singles (1966).
Kevin Scott, 1967 Kevin Scott, 1967 Then Kevin Scott (born in Oxford on March, 30th 1950) replaced singer Roy Daniels. His real name is Kevin Finn, but Scott was a stage name that goes back to the early sixties when he was with Kevin Scott and the Kinsmen and Time.
This lineup again resists only for two 45's, "Count To Ten" and "Cherry, Cherry".

John Franklin, 1967 John Franklin, 1968 Then in 1967 Terry New left for 1950-born John Franklin, the new lead guitarist.
Before he joined WISHFUL THINKING John played in a band called MANIAX who released one 45 in 1966: "Out Of Reach/ The Devil's Home" on White Label (yes this was the label's name!).

This new lineup Kevin Scott/ Finn (vocals), John Franklin (lead guitar), Roger Charles (bass) and Brian Allen (drums) is to be heard on the album "Live Vol: 1". This LP and all previous singles by Wishful Thinking were produced by Decca 'A & R' man and former Shadow Tony Meehan.
During a tour through Denmark in 1967 they supported PINK FLOYD on their gig in Århus on September 10th.
The same lineup can also be seen on the cover of the very rare 45 "Without A Place To Go/ Waterfalls" released in 1970 in Germany on Metronome Records, although Roger Charles was replaced by new bass player Tony Collier in March 1969.
Back in 1961/ 62 Tony Collier played in a band called THE STRANGERS, who released two 45 records. The first was an EP including "Bongo Blues", a Shadows song, "Detour", "Little Dancing Girl" - recorded together with the Norwegian group THE GUNS - and a fourth song done by THE GUNS alone. The second release was "Blue Prelude" b/w "Red Heaven". Both records were released on the Norwegian Manu label.

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