Article from the Faroes newspaper "Dagbla­i­ 21/8-68"

"Wishful Thinking" will come to the Faroe Islands next Saturday and will have two concerts in "Sjˇnleikarah˙si­" on Sunday and Monday.

Saturday 31. August the
famous pop group "Wishful Thinking" will pay The Torshavns Playhouse a visit.
  A young Faroes actress met those very famous members of Wishful Thinking during her stay in London this summer. When the members of "W.T." heard that there never had been any "professional" pop group visiting The Faroe Islands - they thought that it might be interesting to come and pay a visit. They are four members plus Bob Potter - their names are Brian Allen, Roger Charles, Kevin Scott and John Franklin. Brian and Kevin are handling the vocals.
  After concerts in Denmark "Wishful Thinking" will arrive in Tˇrshavn on Saturday and will leave on Thursday. They will have a concert on Sunday and Monday. Those young musicians will play for free, and the money from the concerts will go to building the new playhouse, "Sjˇnleikarh˙si­".
  "Wishful Thinking" is most famous in Sweden and in England, where they have lots of concerts. They have been in the show of Radio Luxembourg's "Top Twenty" in England.

Translation from Faroes to English by Jˇhan-Petur Niclasen

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