Article from the Faroes newspaper "Dagbla­i­ 04/9-68"


   Wishful Thinking┤s visit to the
Faroe Islands was what one could
call a huge success. Before they
left the country, they left this
note to the Faroes People:

   We would like to thank all the
people of Tˇrshavn and the
Faroe Islands for making our
first visit a very great succes.
   We hope that it not be too
long before it is posible for us
to come back again.
   We will be thinking of you
when we are trawelling in Nor-
way, Denmark and Sweden in
the next few weeks.

    Thanks again.

      Wishful Thinking

Translation from Faroes to English by Jˇhan-Petur Niclasen

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